Thursday, 8 March 2012


I don't have time to be crafting every night - I need to have my entire evening free if I want to sit down and really concentrate on something. So although I may get an hour here and there of relaxation, this really isn't time enough for me to start up a new piece of work.

It is, however, time enough to write a blog post. And I have lots and lots of previous items that I want to share here, so I will dot these about amongst my 'real time' projects. Tonight, I am leaving the house in approximately 10 minutes for a 'games night' at a neighbours. Therefore, I give you my felt pony! I used to craft with felt when I was much, much younger (another story, another blog post, another day) but this was how I restarted my love affair with felt, and was essentially my first attempt at a truly 3D piece, around a year and a half ago now.

I had a terribly hard time getting the mane and tail in! How I actually did do it isn't a secret I am ready to reveal - as although my methods are much improved since this first attempt, it is still pretty crude and I need to perfect it before I can make a tutorial on this little beauty.

I wish I had more of this felt. It is laced with blue and purple ribbon and is gorgeous. I have had it for more years than I can remember and therefore have no idea where it might have originally come from.

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