Monday, 5 March 2012

Don't ask how...

...We got onto the subject of 'egg cosies'.

But boy am I glad we did. I was visiting a friend yesterday when this weird conversation came about (although by her standards it is actually by no means weird). My disbelief at the existence of salt and pepper pot cosies and egg cosies quickly led her to show me a Google image search teeming with such items. Amongst these we immediately spotted one in the shape of an owl - our attention being drawn to this because at the moment my friend's obsession is with anything at all in the shape of an owl or with an owl pattern on. And apparently she isn't alone, as the shops are full of such things right now!

I have long been thinking about making her some felt wonder in the shape of an owl, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The lovely pattern and tutorial by LucyKate, available here really appealed to me. I often make my own patterns, but lets face it - it is so much easier to use one that somebody else has already gone to the trouble of making! I love free patterns and I hope to offer some of my own soon, when I have the time to make tutorials to go with them.

I always sew in the evening and can never wait until light to take photos, I am too eager to share things! So the picture doesn't really do the beautiful blue and purple colours justice.

My large needle also suffered in the production process...I was experimenting with what turned out to be a thread far too thick for use through multiple layers of felt! So I had to settle for normal cotton, just doubled.

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