Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Festive fun!!

Well I'm not one who gets hugely excited about Christmas, I have to admit. I guess this is a sign that I am getting older! I'm no Scrooge either though and I especially love making and giving personalised gifts to my wonderful friends and family.

This year will be no exception to that - and I am starting with festive robin decorations. In the UK, the robin is of course a seasonal icon. My appreciation for this sweet little bird has only increased since my time in North America where their 'robin' is quite a different bird altogether - and as a result they are not in any way associated with the holiday season.

I created two hanging decorations. The first one was just for a bit of fun - I wanted to make something cute and I did lots of internet searching for inspiration. I knew I wanted it to be 'plump' and after a number of failed attempts to make a pattern I eventually settled for a simple ball shape. Inspired by these, I produced this tiny, hand-sewn tree decoration. The body is about 1 and a half inches in diameter!

The second is a bit more traditional and my Mum has since added this one to a Christmas wreath she made to hang on the front door. One will also be 'winging' it's way to my Grandparents soon to help decorate their tree.

Since my last post I have become very busy working two jobs and trying to make everything I wanted to get done for Christmas! I can't wait until after the big day, when I can blog about the other presents I have been making...I'm so pleased with them I will even be keeping one for myself. Stay tuned!