Sunday, 31 March 2013

A to Z, just ahead!

The challenge begins tomorrow!

I have written a number of my posts already and I'm planning on pre-scheduling them to appear at midnight on the appropriate day. I'm not sure this will continue for the whole month, but I'm hoping it will give me a head start at least so I can concentrate settling in to my new job and new home.

Being a craft blog, my posts will mostly focus on all sorts of crafts that I have attempted or intend to attempt, including some interesting leaps back into my past! I'm trying to put as many colourful photos in as I can to keep things exciting.

As this is my first year participating, I'm also really looking forward to seeing what everyone else's take on the challenge looks like and hopefully finding some great blogs to follow.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Counting down to the A to Z Challenge

With just a week left until the A to Z Challenge begins, I've finally realised it's about time I do some planning and forward thinking!

I've had the letters of the alphabet listed in a word document since the day I signed up, but there wasn't a whole lot next to them! But thanks to a big push today I just have 7 letters left now to figure something out for.

On top of this, I've had the camera out photographing anything and everything that might be remotely useful for my posts. Because pretty pictures make for far more exciting craft blogging :)

Next step - to get writing! I am moving away and starting a new job the second week in April so having lots of my posts pre-written will take some of the pressure off in case I am too mentally and physically exhausted to do them on the day.

Good luck to everyone else taking part!