Thursday, 28 June 2012

Back in business!

So I finally managed to get to the local town for supplies! By local, I mean it actually involves catching a ferry on the other side of the island which has not proven easy given that the only form of transport that I have are my own two feet. I was prepared to brave the 4 hour round trip on foot, however luckily pity was taken on me and I was offered a lift there. Luck struck again when I ran into someone I knew in the ferry line up on the way back to the island.

I was less lucky in my search for craft supplies; but did not quite fail completely as I found a selection of felt in a dollar store. Later when I got home and was excited to start making...I realised I had no stuffing! However a little improvisation goes a long way and I have now made the two lovely dolphins pictured below. Although I have my own dolphin pattern back home in the UK, I had been meaning to try out this much better one from the blog Nuno Life and this gave me the chance to do so, having not been in the mood to make a whole new pattern!

A quick update also on my adventures - I was out on a kayak trip for 5 days last week and it was fantastic! One of the highlights was seeing a mother bear and her cubs, although unfortunately my camera was already tucked back away in its dry bag when the cubs appeared! There was beautiful wildlife and scenery and the weather was perfect. I can't wait to go on a trip again!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia

So I have been in Canada a little over a week now, although it feels like I have been here much longer as so much has been happening!

Of course I must apologise that this and possibly a number of future posts will be more about my experiences here than my crafting, as it seems silly to create a separate blog when I have this one already. However, I will add some of my older items into each post just to keep a craft theme, and I do have a small kit of essential sewing items and I'm hoping to get my hands on some felt or materials soon, so watch this space!

One of my main reasons for coming to this part of the world is to experience its' natural beauty and wildlife and so far I have not been disappointed! On my first morning I was treated to a spectacular sighting of a pod of killer whales travelling by the island - I couldn't have asked for a better welcome to the country. They were fairly close, but I will never forgive myself for not picking up that pair of binoculars as I raced out of the house! However my camera did make it:

Following on from these, I have also seen a humpback whale, a river otter, a black bear, seals, a sea lion, and bald eagles. And as if this wasn't enough, a pod of white sided dolphins swam right past as we were kayaking on Thursday morning.

So having looked at my past projects, there aren't too many that I can link in with this very easily, however as I have seen a couple of seals (they are pretty common here) this seems like the most appropriate item I can share!

As it may be becoming obvious now, I have a huge passion for marine life, in particular marine mammals. Seals are no exception! They have such great personalities.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One for the road

Being due to leave the country for four months in just a few hours, I'm finding it hard to string enough thoughts together to write a blog post, so I'll keep this one short!

There is a village fete this weekend, and although I won't be here, my mum is going to be selling a few bits and she asked if I had any items in stock that I would want to sell. I have a few felt animals, and although most are originals that I wouldn't sell I managed to find a horse, some dolphins and some key rings made a while ago.

On top of this, in the past few days I have needed a bit of a release from packing and worrying about my trip so I set up a bit of a hair clip production line in my spare time! They won't sell for much, but I have enjoyed making them and it has kept my mind and my fingers busy.