Saturday, 14 July 2012

Back to reality

I'm back in the land of internet connection after a 6 day trip into the wilderness. Aka 'reality'. I've decided I don't especially like reality any more and to be honest I could live a little longer without internet if it meant I could spend more time in the beautiful places that I have now been exposed to!

On a crafty note, I did manage to make these cute finger puppets before I left for my trip. I'm hoping to make a whole set of Canadian animals...maybe a bear, an eagle, and a moose too. 

I arrived home to two lovely parcels with crafting goodness inside; one from my mum with some felt and stuffing and the other was a needle felting kit which I had ordered from DandelionFibreStudio - it's a killer whale! I can't wait to give needle felting a go.

Ok, so you want to see some pictures from my latest trip!? I'm afraid, although we saw some fantastic wildlife (including the killer whales really close) my wildlife photography skills are somewhat lacking. I have lots of nice scenery shots though...

I hope these aren't to upsetting for those in the UK who are having a wet summer so far! The weather is gorgeous here at the moment and I am genuinely sorry that it isn't the same back home. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer regardless!