Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dragons or Dinosaurs?

It has been a busy couple of months over the Christmas period, but I have finally found time to do some blogging. As mentioned in my last post, I had lots of fun making gifts for my friends - some of which can finally be revealed!

These dragons (or are they dinosaurs!?) were a surprising delight to make - seeing them develop and gain character was so much fun. The idea came from a craft fair I visited (where I was certain they were dragons). I used wool blend scarves and dressmaking velvet and I also considered putting wings on them to be absolutely sure they were dragons. However, after making the first - I was sure they were dragons! My resolve wavered after making the second and third...perhaps they are dinosaurs after all.   

Still, dinosaurs or dragons, I love them! This one below, the first one I made, is staying in my collection. I wish I could find my inspiration for these on line to share with you but sadly I have been unable to. Keep an eye out for something like them at a craft/gift fair near you! Of course I will not be selling them myself.

I also tried my hand at a little jewellery making this year. My favourite piece is definitely this cat ring - I just wish I had more of the same button so I could make more. Despite searching every craft shop I can find in my local area - no where is selling them. This one was a present so it is gone from my life - but I want one of my own too!

Keep an eye out for my next post which is going to feature even more jewellery! Perhaps I will get back to working with felt sometime soon too....