Sunday, 4 March 2012

Welcome to the world of blogging...

My growing photo album, 'My Creations', on Facebook has inspired me to enter the world of blogging, and in particular the world of craft blogs. I am amazed by the range of craft blogs already out there and in fact I take inspiration from such places on a regular basis; and where these inspirations materialise in this blog, I will of course link to the pages from which they came.

To start - something a little different from my usual - as it involved the use of a sewing machine! I soon remembered why I shy away from this mechanical wonder, as it struggled immediately when confronted with several layers of fabric. Still, I feel that use of a good sewing machine would open up a world of crafting opportunities for me! So I am hoping that, with a birthday in the near future, I will soon be the proud owner of a much more capable machine.

This beautiful material was given to my mum by a friend, and it was hand printed in Africa. I originally wanted orange trim, but an unsuccessful trip to the shops resulted in purple, which was my second choice! I used an existing apron to cut a pattern out of newspaper, and purple bias binding around the edges. As I am used to working with felt, I find it difficult cutting woven material along the grain, but I hope this will come more easily with practice.

Note to self: need to improve photography skills if I want my blog to look fabulous!!

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