Friday, 26 April 2013

Wedding Fever!

I'm losing momentum with my last few posts so I apologise. It has been a long month with a lot going on for me.

I'm hopeful that Work is going to pick up in the next few weeks as I'm starting to gather things to keep me busy!

In a few weeks time I will be attending a 'Wedding Festival' which is apparently a reception in a field! With tents and camping and things. How exciting! It is for a friend I went to university with and it suits her down to the ground - so eco friendly! I'll be taking my best friend along for company.

Speaking of my best friend - she is also getting married in just over a year's time. I am a bridesmaid! I have never been one before and I'm super excited. On top of this I'm excited to spend some time doing some wedding crafty things to help make the day even more unique. I'm just not sure what yet. There is a huge wealth of wedding craft ideas out there on the internet, it is just a case of finding the right ones that will work for her special day.

What would you craft for a big occasion!?

Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Hey Naomi, the wedding festival sounds lovely. I've recently joined Pinterest and there are some great ideas in there for wedding bits and bobs and also crafty things which you might find useful. There are so many beautiful things for weddings you could go mad!