Monday, 29 April 2013

Oh, Yarn!

Now that I am officially a novice crocheter (I made handwarmers!), my life is starting to fill with thoughts of yarn...

As it turns out, there is SO much yarn out there. Miles and miles of the stuff. All in different pretty colours and textures and thicknesses. It makes my head all fuzzy! I'm still trying to figure out how you buy the right stuff for each project, but I guess this might be something that comes with experience.

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  1. I have found Ravelry to be really good at helping me choose the best yarn for a project. They have regular people reviews on all kinds of yarn.

  2. Here's how it works. You buy lots and lots of yarn because it's pretty, and you're sure you can do something with it. Then when you start a new project, you go out and buy the yarn it says you need, because nothing in your stash will possibly do...

    I don't do this though. No, never...

    Rinelle Grey