Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In the beginning

My love affair with felt started way, way back. In the beginning, this was because it was what I had available (a big collection of scraps accumulated by my mum over the years) and because it was easy to work with. No fraying and no sewing machines required! At age 8 these are important factors to consider.

So I loved felt, and even more than this I loved horses; I was horse mad! I still have those very first felt horses that I made, starting with this little grey one:

The poor little guy has several gammy legs thanks to my terrible stitching, and the fact that I hadn't yet figured out how to get stuffing into the legs! But I learn quickly, and the rest of my initial attempts are definite improvements on this:

Only the black one in the middle is missing stuffing in his legs. And his awesome attire makes up for this in my opinion! 

So there you have it, my humble beginnings.

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