Saturday, 20 April 2013

aaaaaaaaand RELAX

Ok, so I promise I will get back to posting about crafts tomorrow. Promise.

But today I wanted to talk about what I do to relax when I'm not crafting! Well, mostly I browse Facebook, Pinterest and the web. Whilst watching TV series such as 24 on Lovefilm (that's the current one, the previous one was Greys Anatomy).

Tonight, I decided to paint my nails. (This will be yesterday night by the time you read this as I write most of my posts the night before). I rarely, if ever paint my nails. I'm not sure what made me feel the need to do so tonight. I think the prospect of a weekend of no plans made me feel like poorly painted nails would offend no one but myself, so why not have a little fun with some colours!?

The following is why not.

Having tried one colour and rejected it, I moved onto the next - a lovely deep purple. But when I unscrewed the lid, part of it got stuck in the pot. Upon attempting to pry this part out (it was pretty glued in place with semi-dried polish), it proceeded to ping out, flipping over several times as it flew through the air, and splattered deep purple nail polish all over me, my laptop, bed and wall.

Much nail polish remover later and I think I am possibly a little high (finding the whole situation rather amusing) and I have reduced the splatters on the wall to smudges. Well, I guess they needed christening as they were painted just hours before I moved in to the room last weekend.......!! And the smell of remover has nicely masked the horrible drain smell in my ensuite bathroom (but that's another story involving copious amounts of vinegar and baking soda).

So my relaxing evening turned out to be not so relaxing after all! And possibly cost me some of my deposit on the room in the process...

But oh well, such is life! What do you do to relax? Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Nice choice of word for R. To relax I read, or just sribble a few lines about my day and what I learnt in my Diary.

  2. I somehow manage to have incidents like that with nailpolish too! And even when I successfully get it on my fingernails, it just chips off in hours anyway.

    Rinelle Grey

  3. Ive just joined Pinterest too, am loving it so far. I enjoy painting my nails (but rubbish at it), and watching breaking bad (I've seen all of 24 and love it). Have a nice relaxing weekend!

  4. I used to paint my nails all the time in middle school, but in high school I was in marching band and wasn't allowed to (because, as a flute player, I had to cut the fingers off my gloves and painted nails are a HUGE no-no), and then in college I worked food service where, once again, I wasn't allowed to have painted nails. Now I'm past all that, but my nail polish tends to get wrecked pretty fast when I wrestle with hangers at work (now I'm in retail) so I usually don't. Nothing so traumatic has ever happened to me, though!

  5. Actually I blog ...and try to stir the pot a little on other blogs
    Thanks for visiting over at my place

  6. I'm so sorry about your relaxing evening going to the dogs. I like to garden in the summer. And I find reading relaxing, and also, baking. As long as I'm not on a deadline to bake something for someone. :-) Scrap-booking is relaxing. Or...maybe I'm just so stressed, I think they're relaxing but really they're not. ;-)

    Nice "R post.

  7. Watching TV is good; I need to catch up on Covert Affairs and Beauty and the Beast is good. I also love playing around with my gadgets collection to relax, and cooking :)

  8. I love love love the shoes! I might have to try doing that !

    visiting from A~Z

  9. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I love to hear what everyone gets up to in their spare time :)