Monday, 22 April 2013


In my first year at University, I went through a phase of painting shoes. It was great fun to create funky, unique shoes for myself and as gifts for my friends. Sadly, I have horribly wide feet so I can rarely find shoes to fit, or that I can bear to wear for more than a short while. So mine are more for show...

Chameleon shoes - these were the first pair I painted. I still have them. I love chameleons!

The mermaid shoes were for a friend.

Star shoes - also for a friend

Flower stencil shoes - for my best friend

Orange flower shoes - mine, all mine! And my absolute favourite. Too perfect to wear really. Orange is the most awesome colour ever...

Why not have a go at painting some shoes yourself? You can get usually find a pair of these white pumps for just a few pounds in the cheaper clothes shops. I use acrylic paints which are also inexpensive - between £1 and £2 a bottle. I also have a mixer that makes the acrylic suitable for fabric.

Have fun! Thanks for visiting :)


  1. They're beautiful! I'm so going to have to give this a try some time, though I doubt mine will look so professional.

    Rinelle Grey

  2. They look really professional! I'm not very neat so doubt I would be able to make any so nice. Stupid question but are they waterproof?

    1. Definitely not a stupid question! I'm not sure I would go jumping in puddles in them but I actually did some fairly vigorous 'testing' on a pair that I used to try out techniques on...they stood up to water pretty well! I wonder if this is to do with the mixer that I add to the paint. I have also used a shoe proofing product on some pairs (suitable for fabric shoes) which gives extra protection against water and stains. At no time did I manage to make the paint smudge or run :)