Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Friends and fond farewells

It has been a little while since my last post, for which I apologise. With my trip to Canada imminent, and counting down my last few days as work, my life is turning upside down in a very big and scary way and between the terrified tears and excited highs I haven't had a lot of time for crafting!

Still, I could not let one of my closest friend's birthday go amiss. She may live in Toronto, but thanks to the modern wonder of the internet and instant messaging, I actually talk to her (well type to her actually) more than any of my friends here in the UK. I am extremely excited to be visiting her at the end of my trip to Canada - I cannot wait!

Despite her insisting that I need not send a present (that my visit later in the year would suffice), I really couldn't stop my fingers reaching for the needle and thread...and with the help of some inspiration from Mika Art Blog, I produced a fridge magnet, brooch and keyring in the shape of a Boston Terrier. This cute breed holds a very special place in my friend's heart.



Fridge magnet

I did have a little trouble getting the eyes right...I'm terrible at eyes and most of my creations don't have them for exactly this reason. The eyes give character, and I find if so difficult to capture this. I left the brooch eye-less as I thought it was a bit more wearable that way (abstract, perhaps).

I did not write this post until after the parcel had arrived for obvious reasons, and I know now that my gifts have been well received. So during this time, when I am saying a sad goodbye to my workplace and the friends I have made there, I can at least look forward to my adventures in Canada and towards the end of them, the chance to spend time with one of my oldest and most cherished friends.

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  1. Ah such a sweet post. These are so brilliant, bet she loved them! I hope you two have an awesome time when you visit.