Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Over the rainbow

Firstly I apologise for tonight's awful pictures. I did not have time to prepare this post in advance and all my natural light had faded by the time I got round to photographing. Plus in my new house I don't have the nice big sheet of white paper I normally use to create a backdrop!

Anyway! Tonight's creation is one of the only remaining remnants of a past love of mine...rainbow. Ok, I still love rainbow I'll admit! They colours are so pretty and bright! But I don't now feel the need to own everything in rainbow which was pretty much the case about 10 years ago...

However I still own and use this gorgeous pencil case that I made way back when. I suspect a little help from my mum might have been involved! But I love it none the less. I wish I still had some of this material, and the awesome buttons...

Thanks for visiting :)