Monday, 15 April 2013

Music makes the world go round...

M is for music, which is my other (somewhat neglected) passion! Well, I say neglected but hopefully that is all about to change, today in fact. It is actually a nice coincidence - I had this post planned from the beginning to be about music but had no idea I would be talking about the exciting changes in my life.

I have played clarinet from about the age of 9, and added saxophone to my line up at about age 14. Although these were my main instruments I loved (and still love) picking up any instrument I could get my hands on...keyboard, cornet, guitar, ukulele, harmonica... I played in the school orchestra, a local youth jazz orchestra and a wind band. Alongside my clarinet lessons and practising, playing with these ensembles took up more of my spare time during my school years than anything else: music was my life!

Performing with others and even solo feels like a great achievement - I was lucky enough to play in front of audiences of thousands of people on occasions and even went on 'tour' in Spain twice. It's a huge adrenaline rush! However after leaving school my playing trailed off, without the bands to keep me motivated. I was able to play saxophone in a small orchestra at university but it wasn't very challenging for me and since then I have hardly picked up either instrument.

Until today! Now that I have moved out again and know I will be settled here for a little while, I decided to look into options for joining a local orchestra. I have found one that sounds perfect for those who are maybe a little rusty after a break from playing and I am going to my first rehearsal tonight!

Although I don't have as much time in my life for my music as I used to, I'd like to think there is a little room to squeeze some in around all the stuff I do to try and enhance my career. So I am excited to blow the cobwebs out of my clarinet tonight and hopefully make some new friends in the process.

I am struggling to find a photo for today! I want to share with you a picture of one of the groups I played with but out of respect for the many other people in the photos I feel it is not the best idea. I hope you have enjoyed my post anyway - do you play any musical instruments? Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. I love music, and also play and write songs. I only really play guitar, though I have been known to play piano too (as a kid).