Friday, 5 April 2013


Just a quick post today, on a subject I have mentioned before more than once in this blog and one which fellow crafters may well sympathise with. Etsy. I think I have finally decided, all things considered, that I will NOT be opening an Etsy shop.

This decision in the culmination of lots of different issues I have encountered, from plagiarism worries to the legal issues involved in running your own business. One of these issues for example is that legally, Etsy shops should clearly display the address from which they are operating. I note, that many do not do this, but I am a law abider by nature! And I don't feel comfortable putting my address on there for the world to see. Call me old fashioned - I know that there are few secrets in this internet age! But to me that is one step more than I am willing to take at the moment. Besides - I am not allowed to trade from the house I am renting (it's in my contract). Perhaps when I have a house of my very own...

So for now at least, I shall not be making any money on my creations. What are your thoughts about Etsy!?

And to finish, here's a nice Evening picture from my travels last summer to make this post a bit more interesting! Thanks for visiting :)


  1. One of the gals in our writer's group sells things on Etsy although I'm not sure how well she does with it. She did have a craft idea snitched by a TV show. For real.

    1. I can believe it! I have read some 'horror stories' about people having their ideas stolen and printed on t shirts etc...

  2. I opened an etsy shop in January. I'm not entirely clear about the address thing, I don't see sellers with their addresses listed, maybe I am not looking in the right place? I've seen some bloggers sell directly from their blog...maybe you could try that?
    Good luck.

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for visiting!

      I don't think many people actually know that they should be providing their address... Some of the information is here

      I only found it because like I said, I am such a law abider that I often end up reading terms and conditions and such like!!!