Friday, 26 October 2012

Photographic fantasies

It has been a long time since I posted! I am now firmly back in the UK and perhaps the only relief is that I finally have access to all my wonderful craft items that I missed so much during my stay in Canada.

I have managed to make a few items since my return, but my time has mostly been spent having a good clear out of my room, seeing friends and family and applying for jobs.

Today I decided to get the camera out and have a go at improving my photography. Don't get too excited - it's nothing spectacular. All I really did was put things on a sheet of white paper and perhaps adjust them very slightly using photo editing software. I have a long way before I can go professional! Here are my examples:

First up, my rather lovely newly braided pair of headphones, inspired by this pair. The thread I used had a colour gradient so I only needed to use one in order to get the multi-coloured effect, however I have since braided another pair using two different colours and alternating every inch or so. It takes a long time but is worth it!

This one you have seen before, but I keep trying to photograph this little horse in all it's glory because in my (probably biased) opinion it is one of my most beautiful pieces of work. Sadlt the camera really never can do justice to the rich blue and purple colours. The same still applies to this picture - try as I might I can't get those colours like the real thing. But adding a little tint to this picture has certainly brought out the colours a little more.

Finally, this is a passport wallet I threw together one evening, just for fun. I think it's a great candidate for my next, long overdue tutorial so I will try to get round to making another one soon. 

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the slightly improved photography of this post and I will do my best not to slip back into old habits in the future. Perhaps one day my shots will live up to my photographic fantasies......

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