Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another dose of orca

I hope you aren't all fed up with hearing about killer whales (also known as orca in case I haven't already made that clear...)! I had my fourth and final kayak trip of the summer last week and spent 4 blissful days watching out for the whales, who obliged to swim right past the cliffs of our camp several times. We even encountered them in our kayaks - one swam right next to us within a few meters!

I had my first ever attempt at needle felting recently. I ordered a kit from Dandelion Lane Fibre Studio on Etsy and made these cute little whales:

It didn't seem as hard as I thought, and I think that if I could get some more supplies and really get going, it might allow me to make some more complex pieces that I cannot achieve with the sheets of felt. For example animals with intricate markings - especially commissioned pieces where the markings are key to the identity.

So I definitely recommend needle felting - grab yourself a kit and give it a go!

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