Thursday, 3 May 2012

A stab in the dark...

I do the majority of my crafting in the evening - probably a side effect of having a daytime job of course - and tonight is no exception. I just wanted something simple and fairly quick, as I am in need of some early nights, so I decided to go with an idea which has been in my head since I made my first hair clip (see Button Bonanza). I think mini hair clips like this are the perfect accessory for young girls - I just wish I could pull it off myself because it is so cute!

However there is an obvious downside to evening crafting, which the the lack of daylight. This makes it difficult to do just about everything from cutting out and sewing and especially photographing. I am so eager to share my work with the world that I cannot wait until daylight appears! As if to rub in my poor photographic efforts this article was at the top of my reading list tonight with some handy hints on where I'm going wrong.

Anyway, look out for a tutorial on these mini clips, coming soon I promise - when I have daylight in which to photograph the production process...

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