Thursday, 28 June 2012

Back in business!

So I finally managed to get to the local town for supplies! By local, I mean it actually involves catching a ferry on the other side of the island which has not proven easy given that the only form of transport that I have are my own two feet. I was prepared to brave the 4 hour round trip on foot, however luckily pity was taken on me and I was offered a lift there. Luck struck again when I ran into someone I knew in the ferry line up on the way back to the island.

I was less lucky in my search for craft supplies; but did not quite fail completely as I found a selection of felt in a dollar store. Later when I got home and was excited to start making...I realised I had no stuffing! However a little improvisation goes a long way and I have now made the two lovely dolphins pictured below. Although I have my own dolphin pattern back home in the UK, I had been meaning to try out this much better one from the blog Nuno Life and this gave me the chance to do so, having not been in the mood to make a whole new pattern!

A quick update also on my adventures - I was out on a kayak trip for 5 days last week and it was fantastic! One of the highlights was seeing a mother bear and her cubs, although unfortunately my camera was already tucked back away in its dry bag when the cubs appeared! There was beautiful wildlife and scenery and the weather was perfect. I can't wait to go on a trip again!

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  1. These are really sweet. I have bookmarked some patterns on Nuno Life but think they're a bit complicated for me!